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Submitted by Kier Conservat… (not verified) on Tue, 29/06/2021 - 12:58

You may well be also making the 42 year long mistake. It's the idea that socialism is this 'citizen of the world' bollocks. Socialism was nearly always intertwined with the nation state. This is why 70s socialists opposed the EU, viewing it as a trading block with shared free market politics, in which socialism couldn't possibly win in a fair election. Has that not proved to be the case? The supposed 'left' is full of snobs who think the working class vote is unreasoned and base. This is why you have a far-right, because the working class can't get a real left political party to understand that nationhood is important for the real left to exist at all. Support the Labour Party if you want, but be assured the real left abandoned it a long time ago. Galloway's got it bang on, non-woke, patriotic but not racist, talking to the people the Labour Party has ignored. Galloway is the real left that the rest of you have been brainwashed out of by 42 years of Maggie, hence the class divide that your unbeknown snobbery and detachment played a large part in bringing about.

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