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Submitted by AWL on Mon, 30/11/2020 - 18:02

Alexander Pavlovich says “Israel is a big problem”. What does that mean? Israel – the imperialist policy of the Israeli government – is a big problem for the Palestinians. The idea that Israel, a militarily strong but in fact very small country, is a “big problem” in the wider world is precisely a staple of obsessive, disproportionate “anti-Zionist” narratives on the left, in turn a culture medium in which antisemitism can breed.

Yes, there needs to be a revolution inside Israel, to create a workers’ government and begin to build socialism. In the first instance, even a more limited internationalist, class-struggle upheaval which can derail Israel’s war machine, end the occupation and halt the march of Israeli society to the right.

But in Britain the obsessively “anti-Zionist” left is not concerned with a revolution, or class struggle, in Israel.

The “way forward for Israel-Palestine” is absolutely through class struggle and socialist politics. This does not contradict the idea of national self-determination; in fact, self-determination is an essential part of the program to unite Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian-Arab workers in struggle. That’s why we advocate “two states”, the right to self-determination for both peoples – with the Palestinians granted the same rights the Israelis currently enjoy.

I’m not sure what Alexander means when he argues against attempts to “intervene into the actual discussions and currents within my community” (meaning Israel?) Surely solidarity and discussion with internationalists and socialists among the Israelis as well as the Palestinians is necessary to build a movement which can engage in effective class struggle and, eventually, actually make a socialist revolution?

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