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Submitted by AWL on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 16:48

At the 14 May Forward Momentum hustings for Momentum NCG candidates, Councillor Josh Lovell said:

“In 2017, after the regional structures and national committees were abolished from above, Momentum changed for the worse. E-democracy failed, membership numbers have fallen over time, groups have become inactive.

“The organisation needs radically rebuilding — on democratic grounds, but also on the lines of class struggle and internationalism. We need radical socialists leading Momentum. Momentum needs annual elections. It needs rank-and-file networks to build class struggle.

“We’ve got an insurgent far right; a Tory Immigration Bill which is about to ravage communities; and a global crash looming following the fall-out from Covid-19. In this pandemic, we need to demand every worker has the right to self-isolate on full pay. We need to immediately release all immigration detainees. We need to urgently recruit people into the unions and abolish the anti-union laws."

Nadia Whittome MP said:

“I don’t think MPs should have reserved places on the NCG, but while we do I am putting myself forward. Momentum was vitally important not just in building a Labour left, but in building outside too. That hasn’t gone far enough, and a lot of that is down to the fact Momentum isn’t democratic. The number one thing has to be democratising Momentum: rebuilding local groups, ensuring the leadership is accountable, which can be done through having a sovereign conference. We need a pluralist left and Labour Party.

"I want to provide a bridge between what’s happening outside Parliament and what’s happening inside. In terms of holding representatives accountable, I’ve submitted myself to open selections in my CLP. I’ve stood as a workers’ representatives on a worker’s wage.

“In the pandemic: firstly, repeal all anti-union laws. Indefinite leave to remain for key workers. There are strong arguments for a universal basic income. Increase statutory sick pay so it’s high enough for everyone to live on. A very big one is scrapping rents, so debts are not just deferred."

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