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Submitted by John Scott (not verified) on Fri, 13/03/2020 - 04:25

You must be the only people left in the world pushing the fantasy of a two-state solution, except for people like Hillary Clinton, who doesn't actually believe in it. Such a solution might have been a goer up to the 90s but it isn't now because of settler squatting, land theft, and creeping annexation. The future of the Palestine/Israel area is one in which a unitary state is brought about either by Yugoslavia-style ethnic cleansing, probably using the cover of a future war, producing a Jewish-only state which would be an international pariah, or by abandoning the race/confessional criteria and bestowing full citizenship on the Palestinians. It is not possible to construct a Jewish and democratic state, any more than a Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist state can be democratic if it denies full citizenship to minorities, as the looming catastrophe in India should tell us. Unlikely? Less unlikely than two-statism. The political establishment in Israel, and unfortunately, for the time being, a majority of the Jewish-Israeli population, have a similar attitude to Palestinians that white people had in the Jim Crow South; you would be making better use of your energies encouraging a bi-ethnic Civil Rights movement, rather than engaging in an unachievable wild goose chase.

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