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Submitted by David Baxter (not verified) on Thu, 24/09/2020 - 18:13

Clearly, Scargill did fall out of favour with the Socialist movement, perhaps because it became evident that he was only happy when he was in the limelight. He was a destructive force, in the Labour Party, and in the NUM. his position on freedom movements In communist states such as Poland, was unforgivable He is rightly labelled a Stalinist, along with Corbyn. He used the NUM for his own advancement, and ended up thinking he was bigger than the Union and everything else. As for the EEC/EU, his anti- stance was in keeping with Labour Party Policy. Don’t forget that Labours manifesto at Kinnock’s last election included a policy of leaving the bloc, and who knows what t was under Corbyn. However, In , He was right. I was for the EU then, and was critical of this stance, but I I then came to the out view, albeit for different reasons.l, and was fully behind Brexit. It is rather ironic that his view on the EEC was shared by Tjatcher, deep down, and it is a Tory Govt that has taken us out.

Scargill had the ability to do great things; Pity he got in the way of his own opportunities, and could not see Communism as a failed ideology that blighted every country in which it held sway. It was not , and will not ever be the liberator of the working Class, but their oppressors. His legacy is one of shame and ignominy. Nothing good about it. The 84/5 miners strike brought great hardship, but achieved nothing. His one man mission to bring down the elected government, for a second time, and destroy Thatcherism was not only not accomplished ,it only served to strengthen the Conservative Government and Thatchers dominance of the political landscape for over a decade. This article, far from being full of lies, hit the nail, well and truly, on the head. On any measure, Scargill was a failure who brought hardship down on those who followed him, now a pitiful figure. Happily, his saintly wife spent her time, during his period of madness, doing all she could to bring practical help and comfort to the hardest hit families.

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