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Submitted by Boyd (not verified) on Thu, 18/04/2019 - 23:16

Great historical points regarding CPA, especially the 1970s/ 80s regarding the Trotsky tendency, and the capitulation to the ALP Accord. I raised this matter with Hal Greenland apparently an early Australian Trotskyist, and he refuted that Laurie Carmichael ( recently deceased) who as I understood was a Trotskyist, later a ALP architect of the Accord.
The points you highlighted regarding SAlt as a " militant" organization, is true, though as you indicated lacks theoretical and political education/ debate.
On a side note, though related, I rang the Brisbane contact from SAlt to get information on up coming events, which I was interested in attending. I was assured there would be contact, regrettably nothing.
It might be a long bow but I mentioned AWL, and yourself, so whether this was a factor in the silence.
The relevance to the demise, splintering of ISO, is particularly pertinent with your critique.
The issue as I see it, is cutting through to members and potential SAlt members, to get what identified as critical needs to building a enduring a relevant revolutionary party.

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