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Submitted by martin on Mon, 11/03/2019 - 17:56

Gregson has appeared on the Richie Allen radio show. This is a "alternative" talk show online and on Fab Radio in the North-West. Allen's other guests include Holocaust deniers (Alison Chabloz), white supremacists (David Duke), Assadists, Anti Vaxxers, 9/11 truthers. GIlad Atzmon and David Icke have also been on there.

Allen is one of the vectors for far-right ideas entering the toxic wing of Corbynism. If you listen to Allen, he sounds like a lefty based on the terrible positions that pass for default leftism. He's anti-war to the point of being pro-Assad, Assangeist, and peddling conspiracy theories. He's pro-Maduro and anti-Zionist. He's deliberately inviting on idiots like Gregson or Alex Scott Samuel (the chair of Wavertree CLP).

His show is quite well made and professional-sounding and doesn't sound a million miles from Galloway's radio programmes. Allen came to prominence as a protégé of Icke. He doesn't peddle the lizard stuff, but a Rothschilds variant. Which vaguely sounds like the left talking about banks etc.


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