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Submitted by Mr. A. Norther… (not verified) on Wed, 26/06/2019 - 23:19

In reply to by Shelagh Hewitt (not verified)

I don't quite agree with you. Drivers' attitudes cannot be divorced totally from the leadership they are getting from their union. If this deal sails through with a 70%-80% Yes vote then perhaps you would be right but I don't think it will, because the reality is a bit more complex. Some of us are greedy and disgracefully it is those people who are receiving validation and encouragement from their leaders at present but this flies in the face of what ASLEF tells itself and others it believes in. But we're not inherently 'worse' as a grade compared to others.

If our Council were loudly proclaiming a refusal to engage with the company until it clarified its position on DOO, the meatbags in the current leadership would be applauding their principled stance (like they do now with the Merseyrail reps) and the greedy bastards would be drowned out by people who agree that it's not right to betray other workers. There are plenty of drivers who believe the unions should be sticking together and they have been discouraged from following the lead of the handful of us that respect picket lines by their own self-serving reps.

The situation at Merseyrail gives reason to hope that ASLEF need not always be what it is right now. There's a mountain to climb - most of the current activist layer see nothing wrong with professing labour movement ideals in theory but acting like shitbags in practice and they train new activists in their own image.

But some of us are trying to buck the trend.

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