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Submitted by john cunningham (not verified) on Wed, 23/01/2019 - 19:24

Interesting review from Dale Street. I haven't seen the film yet (and maybe I won't bother). Just to add a few, maybe not that relevant, observations. Mary was also the subject of a film, "Mary of Scotland" (1936) by US director John Ford which I understand is not that different to "Das Herz der Konigen". In the German film Mary is played by Zarah Leander who the Nazis hoped would fill the gap left by Marlene Dietrich. Leander was popular with gay and lesbian auidences, this and the fact that she was Swedish caused some tensions within the Nazi Hierarchy. There are also rumours that she was a spy for the Soviet Union! The Nazis made a number of other anti-British propaganda films which often portrayed British foreign and colonial policies in a negative light (not that hard to find suitable material here!). Ireland featured in some of these: "Def Fuchs von Glenarvon" and "Mein Lieben fur Irland" are both set in Ireland in 1921. "Ohm Kruger" is a Nazi 1941 film set in South Africa featuring the Boer politician Paul Kruger who falls foul of the English. So Mary of Scotland is not alone in being 'honoured' by the Nazis.

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