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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/10/2005 - 12:02

"Want a BIG EU?"
Experience the results you've always wanted
with a MASSIVE scientific breakthrough:

Our MEPs Will Actually Expand, Lengthen
And Enlarge Your Homeland. 100% GUARANTEED!

Best of all...

There Are NO Agonizing Hanging Weights, NO Tough Exercises,
NO Painful And Hard-To-Use Elections, And There Is NO
Dangerous Democracy Involved.


If YOU want to massively enlarge your homeland and experience big gains in
only weeks, this may be the most important email you'll ever read. Here's

Turkey has helped 1000's of Germans cope with and conquer
serious 20th century issues. These painful problems include
lack of cheap labour force and poor self-image, as well as lack of potency and
premature elections.

To help this as well as other nations our dedicated MEP team of snake enchanters has developed an
amazing procedure called Accession. Certified European Parliament has carefully
tested this unique procedure on 10 new members.
It is 100% guaranteed to work. It has been described as a true
'miracle cure', and we are now offering Accession in easy representative democracy to
men everywhere. The Certified European Parliament team invites you now to
experience this miracle for yourself.

Now You Can Forget Forever the Pain, Effort and Expense of Having a Hard,
Badly Paid Job!

Imagine for a moment how you will feel:

You'll radiate confidence and success whenever you enter a job club,
and other men will look at you with real envy.

"Is Turkish Membership PERMANENT?"

YES! Take the EU, grow it to the perfect size for you, and you can even
stop taking new members. You are right where you want to be, and you can
stay there forever!

Remember, the EU larger than 25 members may be too large for most citizens. But
IF for some reason you need even more, it is possible for you to safely
continue taking more Asian countries. The choice is up to you...

Since using our EU enlargement system, our clients have reported improvements in all areas of their lives. Sex, relationships, confidence, work, even sports! Our remarkable formula is the best on the market:

* Permanent EU enlargement - 1-3 members a year.
* End to premature elections - stay whipped for as long as they want.
* Increased tax production - a larger load every time you earn.
* Intensified obedience - become the sheep they want.
* Improved confidence - less embarrassment when asking for social benefits.
* Satisfy your government - fully pleasure them EVERY time you pay taxes.

Can you imagine what a difference 1-3 members a year would make?

When it comes to the EU, everyone knows BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER - Do something about it, today!

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