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Submitted by guenter on Tue, 26/10/2010 - 00:33

negri´s book "multitude" was very much beside the point and sooo much overrated- there was an real good, exceptional article bout negri from callinicos (SWP) in 2001, in "international socialism" no 92 (on the net).

this website here has hundreds of articles, that i wonder, that the most interesting group of the italian far left -beside the trotykytes- was never mentioned here anywhere. iam talking about "il manifesto" (a daily newspaper by this name has survived the group since long)around the brainy, 86 y old woman rossana rossanda. she wrote a number of remarkable books, which sell well in italy.i dont know, what of this is available in england.
although this group started in 1969 as being "soft maoist" in some points, they had at the same time been anti-stalinist, and in many other points rather did come close to trotskyte positions. i think, after a few years they realised, that it was nonsense to try an "anti-authority"interpretation of the chinese cultural revolution.
since the 90ies, they are more centrist in their positions, and the once sharp language of rossana rossanda got a bit more vaguely, but some of their earlier stuff is still worth to read it, especially her first book "the dialectics between continuity and break" (sorry, i re-translate from german, it will not be the exactly title!)where she gives an overlook over different marx-isms and various "socialist" countries. rossanda did also tend to the theory of state-capitalism. since her time in PCI she knows to say interesting things about the inside-life of some stalinist parties. in 1977, she and il manifesto organised an huge international congress in italy bout the stalinist countries with the title "claiming the future back" (if i translated right!). so far.

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