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Submitted by ann field on Thu, 12/06/2014 - 01:34

11th June:

Rally in Moscow, variously entitled “Support Inhabitants of the Donbas”, “Russia for the Donbas” and “Stand Up for the Donbas”:

Organised by Aleksei Zhivov (and his friends). Zhivov was founder and leader of the “National-Patriots of Russia” (2001-07). Member of the organising committee of the first Russian March in 2005 (an annual demonstration by fascists and ultra-nationalists, with occasional guest appearances by the Ku Klux Klan). Joined the “Right-Conservative Alliance” in 2012.

Lots of Russian Imperial Flags (1858-1883, nowadays used only by monarchists and the far right) and flags of the “Russian Imperial Movement” (ditto) on the Moscow rally.

Speakers at the rally included: Vladimir Zhirinovsky (leader of the far-right LDPR), Denis Pushilin (‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ leader, who had met with Zhirinovsky the previous day), and Aleksei Zhivov, with recorded speeches by Pavel Gubarev and Ivan Okhlobystin (see main article) broadcast to the crowd.

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