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Submitted by AWL on Sat, 06/09/2014 - 07:33

Funnily enough I just came across a resolution on Islamism co-authored by Simon Hardy in 2011.

See here: it's on the website of a split from Workers Power's international network, RCIT, which now "defends the Sunni popular insurrection" in Iraq.

The motion itself, though shaped by WP's "anti-imperialist" politics, is head and shoulders above what Simon bashed out about Iran in 2013. If Simon had gone back to what he wrote - or indeed done any research at all - he might not have tripped himself up so much in his haste to attack the AWL.

Sacha Ismail

PS The ISN eventually, after many months, printed a very hard to notice link to this reply at the bottom of Simon's article. They refused to authorise my comment on the article, even though comments are posted on the ISN website regularly.

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