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Submitted by Tim on Tue, 23/10/2012 - 14:53

For the person New to revolutionary ideas above read your history instead of listening to bourgeois economists (the same one that told you that with all the checks the banks could not colapse etc!)Even in bourgeois revolutions the threat of money capital out of the country and the economy collapsing has ofetn not happened and in the only ever working class revolution in Russia 1917 even with 22 armies invading Russia (including the British ) they did not pull all the capital out.

You need a lot more education-join us!

On the Workers' Charter again it may seem impossible to call for the list of demands but in 1990 I moved the motion for the Workers' Charter at NALGO (a forerunner of the meaga union Unison ) conference where I was called in by an Executive member to say he had had a call from the then Shadow Employment Minister ( some bloke called Tony Blair ) to say he really liked the motion but if I could just postpone it he would support it in the future- I didn't and it was passed UNANIMOUSLY. I don't know what happened to Tony Blair but maybe now is the time he will support it...Tim Cooper (Nottingham)

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