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Submitted by guenter on Fri, 13/07/2012 - 02:30

i think, most people are too lazy to check all mentioned hyperlinks, but if something is posted about right here, they may -perhaps- read it.

but what is more importatnt, sacha:
u know very well, that the statement of mine which u cancelled, have been anything else than non-political ones.
too bad, that it took me so long to realise, that u are a part of the liars here.
i had warned u, that it is that simple, that what u cancel, might get discussed in other places then.
so i will send my final statement right now to some other groups and persons in UK; may discuss about it, whoever it wants.
i will cancel my account here (if i find how to do it) after my final posting. that means, i might still be able to read the website -if the ban, many members had asked for, dont take place-, but i will no more be able to reply to the slander which may take place.
its in ur hands, if u wanna handle critic more reasonable in the future, or if u wanna censor around and claim u didnt, and keep on shouting "abuse, abuse" like a schoolgirl, while i never ever used any type of word/name calling (as asshole, pig, idiot, dunkey)which ordinary people do consider as abuse. IAM kind and polite, when others are with me. what i wrote down, makes it very clear, that the behaviour in AWL dont carry the innocence u claim aginst others.

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