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Submitted by guenter on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 13:08

before u also complained about lenght. and where is the difference between an selfwritten long statement or an other article of lengt? why should i re-write in my own words, what some1 else already said in an article? i dont have endless time. u are afraid of articles of other websites, cause they often refute what u said.
but anyway, i dont wanna talk to some1 who today cancelled again postings of mine, incapaple 2 argue with what was said in there. und u have the nerve 2 say, u dont censor...........
i deepl despise ur behaviour, which is a sign of weakness.
i´ll post my statement as soon as i solved some probs with my lap, which just dont allow me 2 copypaste the already written, and i dont wanna re-write all over here.

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