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Submitted by guenter on Tue, 10/07/2012 - 19:45

some1 who censored me once again and cancelled an half dozen or dozen postings of mine, dont need to reply me anymore.
just tell me a space -as i requested a week ago in a mail- where i can post an last final statement (otherise, herever i post it, u have another pretext for to censor it, cause "not to the topic".
and then byebye to cowards and liars.
and otherwise all of u know very well, that in subjects as syria, libya, yugoslawia, its impossible to refute an long wrong article with an few sentences, but that this always needs lengthy answers back. you´ve been told this many times b4 and as always are incapable to argue with it. goodbye sacha.
maybe u prefer that i post my final statement ANYWHERE else than here?

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