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Submitted by guenter on Tue, 19/06/2012 - 14:59

as anyone casn read it itself -so 4 the bad luck of clive &co.- the original debate was -in short- rather like this:

guenter: here is a well-researched example from --------, how the media got missinformed during the yugoslawia war, and how the scenarios have been similar for libya and syria

clive: -------------- (silence)

guenter: here are a dozen articles of serious investigatin´mags, who claim that the houla-masacree was done by the opposition, not by the assad-regime.

clive (hysterical): u propagandist of assad, gaddafi and so on! we have 2 articles, who knows it better than anyone else. we dont even need to argue with what u presented! (barry rushes in and supports this position.)

guenter: shall i also remind u, that u ("we never support foreign interventions") did also support the nato-war on yugoslawia, the fascist UCLA and anticommunist yeltsin?

clive: --------------

guenter: after marks heavy mockery, that iam so mad, saying that the USA plans something, it was in the news in the meantime, that clintons friend rubin, a politician of the "democrats", called for an airstrike against syria.

clive: --------------------

(sticks to his usual demagoguel nonsense-attacks on a modest person, who never called himself important or famous, and with his hints to his readers in bigger magazines only tried to say, that not all those who know him, can always be wrong, and only clive does see it right. whether this was 2 difficult 4 him 2 understand it in the right way, or he once again ressorts 2 his wellknown intended slander.)

byebye nonsense-clowns; this was the best description i ever found for you.
some tried to beat me out of here since long, and i will do them the favour soon, and then they can continue 2 babble 2 themselves only.

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