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Submitted by guenter on Tue, 19/06/2012 - 01:03

if u write, that iam "in effect a propagandist for asad", then it is the same for me, than if u write "u are a propagandist of asad".
if i was really wrong in understanding this, than u missused, that my english is not perfect, u know this very well.
again u did not argue with what was presented- james p. rubin (a politician from the democrats and a friend of bill clinton) calling for an airstrike on syria- where mark wrote, that i must be mad, to expect something like this, and now neither he nor u had the guts to say "sorry".
so, better worry who will take u guys serious; i had hundreds of thousands of readers in some mags i used to write for, who took me very serious.
i think, i do only revalorize u, by writing here, and shall stop it.
as u see, since some time there are almost no more readers writing on this website. i dont wonder now. maybe everybody "missunderstood" ur politics. do u understand urself?

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