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Submitted by Clive on Mon, 18/06/2012 - 22:02

Guenter, you don't make the slightest attempt - not even the slghtest- to fairly represent the AWL view on any of these issues. Your account of them is, at best, unreasonable exaggeration, and at worst just simple, bare-faced and repeated lying.

We did not, for instance, 'support foreign intervention in Libya'; nor do we support it in Syria - and your point that people should struggle for themselves without foreign assistance is, as I said, uncontroversial. You may think that this was the logic of our view. But it was not our actual view. We thought it was wrong to *oppose* intervention - ie try to stop it - in the actual conditions. You are entitled to disagree, but not to misrepresent our view.

I did not say you *are* a propagandist for Asad. I asked you to consider the implications if you are wrong about the Houla massacre.

I argued that if you are right about it, it wouldn't change the basic character of things. If *you* expect to be taken seriously, you need to engage with *that* point.

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