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Submitted by guenter on Mon, 18/06/2012 - 20:59

again u are getting dirty by labelling me as an propagandist 4 assad. duh! u wanna be taken serious?
let me repeat what i wrote about my basic principles:

so, even if we where to expect or agree, that the hula-masacree was done by assad´s fellows,that wont change a yota of my basic argumentation, where neither u,clive, nor mark argued with. this basic argumentation was
-its the job of each nation, to get rid off his dictators without the "help" of foreign interventions
-cause any of this interventions are alwas for any other reason than selfishless help, protection, freedom &democracy.
u guys tend to forget, that capitalist countries arent democratic either and no lesser evil too.
given AWL´s position
-in supporting the foreign interventions in lybya
-in agreeing with the NATO on war with yugoslawia
-in agreeing with drunkard yeltsin(!) on banning the russian CP (considering an act out of anti-communism as an antistalinist one, and sometimes mixing both)
and many more things like this,i have any reason to keep sceptical, if u guys present to ur readers only those mags, who says hula masacree was done by assad, and keep them from all those who says otherwise. sayin´so, that still dont make me an friend of such regimes, as mark madly tried to paint me. on the other hand, guys from the german militant-tendency once labeled me as anticommunist, when i heavyly attacked an old article of them, where they described syria as an "degenerated workers-state"(!) so this is exactly the childish behaviour in all sects. no reason to take this back
-------------------------------------------------------------------so, as u can see, clive, i considered the possibilities that houla masacree might be done by the assad-regime.
but that dont change the point, how foreign powers want to use that in their imperialist worlstrategy. but when i said, that USA plans something, mark did loudly mock about me. where is he now? today, james p. rubin, who worked 4 bill clinton, argued for an airstrike against syria. what say?

and, barry, if u remain unwilling or inable to argue with what i presented (the scenario for yugoslawia was very well described), than we can stop any discussion here. of course, the US-scenario was the same 4 yugoslawia, libya and syria! if sayin this, makes me an proppagandist 4 assad, then u guys are the propagandists 4 US-imperialism.

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