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Submitted by guenter on Mon, 18/06/2012 - 14:13

so, after mark and clive, also barry finger was unable or unwilling to argue with the presentesd material.
the article from global research had shown (see footnotes) how the human rights group had their information only from the opposition- by phone.
the article also made clear, how the imperialist propagandas did work in the yugoslawian war, wherte AWL did fall 4 all of the propaganda:

He proposes what could be considered as the template used to create the climate of public opinion justifying the escalation of the attack on Yugoslavia.

Here are the components of the template he presents(10):

Step 1: Preparation of a more or less hidden agenda
Step 2: Images that shock Public Opinion
Step 3: Groundless and Wild Media Accusations Without Investigation
Step 4: Western Objectives are Achieved
Step 5: Corrections to Erroneous News Reporting: Too Late and No Impact

Collon argues that shocking events were “staged” for the international media so as to make possible a planned escalation of the attack on Serbia. The Houla massacre bears a striking resemblance to the incidents that Collon refers to in the 1990s that set a basis for the escalation of the aggression against the Serbian government.

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