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Submitted by Dr Paul on Sun, 17/06/2012 - 22:13

Certainly the Syrian revolt against Assad started as a democratic response to a nasty dictatorship, and nobody should be fooled by the Syrian Ba'athists' threadbare 'anti-imperialist' image. However, the longer reactionary forces such as Saudi Arabia bankroll and supply the opposition, the more this looks like going the way of Libya, where any democratic impulses become submerged under sectarianism, and the opposition movements become puppets of imperialist states and their proxies and reactionary religious forces. This looks like what is happening in Syria, and I reckon that sectarian 'opposition' forces were as likely to have committed the massacre in Hula as pro-regime militias.

With Libya having disintegrated into local fiefdoms under sundry unaccountable and often Islamist militias, with the Egyptian electorate having to choose between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, and now with Syria seemingly sliding into sectarian slaughter, might one say that the Arab Spring is now becoming summertime for the reactionaries?

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