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Submitted by Mark on Sun, 17/06/2012 - 16:20

Other stuff you might consider:
The Falklands war: despite appearances - actually a provocation by McDonalds, using the British government as a proxy, to grab control of the Argentinian beef industry. Those who deny this obvious fact are Thatcherites.

Euro 2012: in fact a complex plot by imperialism to provoke Ukrainian racism, allowing the US to intervene. Expect cruise missile attacks against Kiev. Those who deny this are excusing US genocide.

Tourism to Egypt? On the surface it seems that US tourists are going to see the pyramids. But are they really? No, they are casing the country. Why? Two reasons - first imperialism intends to grab control of the falafel trade; second they intend to turn Egypt into an enormous weapons dump as part of their war drive against Iran. The only people who don't believe this are pro-American bastards.

Pepsi Cola. On the surface Pepsi is a tasty, refreshing fizzy drink. But is it really? Oh no. The sugar content has been increased, deliberately, by imperialism - BUT ONLY IN CANS SOLD IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! This has been proved conclusively by some journal published in Bulgaria, who’s name escapes me momentarily. Why? Obviously imperialism intends the local populations to be so zonked on Pepsi they will be unable to fight off US led attempts to recolonise them. The only people who can't see this are stooges for Randall and Bradley, who make me sick.

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