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Submitted by Mark on Fri, 15/06/2012 - 23:12

Sorry, you seem to have made a mistake. All your fire seems to be directed at those fighting the Syrian state. Have you deleted a few paragraphs? Is there some editing error?
How can anyone with any moral centre rooted in human solidarity not start by condemning the Syrian state? I’m baffled.
Honestly, even someone on the boneheaded, Stalinoid end of orthodox Trotskyism should be able to see that the blame here lies with the murdering, authoritarian state.
It is the case, is it not, that the state has been responsible for the big majority of the 15000 deaths since last March. The regime has made mass detentions, carried out mass torture. They use helicopters and tanks against their own people. Many towns are outside of their control because the people hate the authorities.
The only 'criticism' I can see of the state in your text ('deeply unpopular due to their free-market reforms') doesn't quite do the job, does it? Because mainly they are 'deeply unpopular' because people want freedom and democracy and they are being murdered in the streets when they demonstrate.
The idea that the local militias and committees are simply proxies of the US is a lie. They are an organic product of the uprising. They are not a creation from the 'outside'. If they look to the US it is because they are desperate. They need help and hope the US can give it. So?

There are plenty of reputable media who report that Houla was carried out by thugs allied to the regime. You've chosen another report (a tiny minority among the international media) for your own political reasons. Even if you're acting with 'honest intentions' (rather than as a direct stooge of the regime), the effect of your stance is to whitewash the Syrian state.

OK then: Imperialist troops out! Hands off Syria!
Indeed, Iran should get its military advisers out and Russia should stop shipping weapons. Wouldn't you agree?
So the US have a campaign for war with Syria? Do they indeed? This is news to me. No doubt news to Obama too.

And it is not true that the US, Saudis etc have organised a 'surge' of weapons deliveries. Most of the rebel weapons in northern Syria - for example - have been taken from the regime or bought from corrupt army officers. They don't have much heavy weaponry.

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