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Submitted by Mark on Fri, 15/06/2012 - 15:38

In reply to by guenter

You have a mindset which seems impervious to facts about the real world. Facts get in the way of your framework, don't they. Must give you a headache.
The main imperialist interventions in Syria are from Iran (boots on the ground) and Russia (political support and weapons).
But you don't mean that, do you?
No you mean the REAL imperialism, don't you: America and the Western powers. But they are not intervening, are they? Not directly, or even indirectly by funding or arming (to any great extent) the opposition. In fact the US has put pressure on the Saudis not to send weapons.
Moreover, Syria has very little oil.
And, what little it does have is sold to the EU. Why would they 'intervene for oil' when they can get it by the simple procedure of buying the stuff?
Honestly: no doubt you're not actually stupid, but your framework makes you seem so.

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