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Submitted by AWL on Tue, 22/05/2012 - 23:58

Fair enough on AFed not being involved; I've amended the report above. This was actually my fault; I'd read about the similar actions in Manchester and Newcastle (not mentioned in Tom's original piece) and inserted a reference to them while subbing Tom's article for the paper. It was late in the afternoon and I semi-consciously wrote "AFed" rather than something more general (e.g. "anarchists"). A lazy generalisation indeed (I actually knew the Newcastle action hadn't been organised by AFed members; as I say, it was only semi-conscious). Apologies.

On the issues - a question for CP; would you advocate taking similar action against John McDonnell? How about Ian Lavery? How about Ed Miliband? What are the criteria by which a Labour MP qualifies for this kind of direct action?

Saying that Alan Meale is "the class enemy" is all well and good, but how has this particular action done anything to lessen his power? In what way has it advanced the cause of workers' struggle? In what sense has it weakened any of the neoliberal policies you mention?

Meale might be the class enemy but unfortunately he is also part of the labour movement. To get rid of him and his ilk, you have to have a consistent strategy for transforming that movement and breaking the political power currently held within it by capitalist/pro-capitalist politicians. The labour movement can't be transformed by chasing out the Blairites one at a time by shouting them off May Day platforms. And if you want to do that work of transforming the labour (which is often arduous and boring and not as fun as theatrical direct actions like this), it doesn't make sense to engage in shrill actions which will do little to advance your politics but lots to earn you the hostility of the vast majority of organised workers who haven't yet reached your revolutionary direct-action conclusions.


Daniel Randall

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