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Submitted by Clive on Sun, 14/03/2004 - 13:46

In reply to by Daniel_Randall

Alan raises many useful and interesting issues, and this comment is not intended to be a 'reply'. Just a couple of quick points. Prior to the war, the AWL's policy was that in the event, for example, of revolutionary upheavals in Iraq following the invasion - ie, directed against the Ba'thists, a la 1991 - we would argue for the 'anti-war movement' to see itself as a movement in solidarity with this. We have all along argued for solidarity with the emerging workers' (and other democratic) movement as the focus of activity - and, indeed, that 'troops out' without such solidarity is empty and wrong.

The question of marching or not marching seems to me to be about how to relate to large numbers of people who we might be able to win to this perspective.

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