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Submitted by cathy n on Tue, 29/01/2013 - 09:53

Is this a wind up? Many of us have the same story to tell about how our teenage and early adult years being blighted by Thatcher etc etc but what is your point? (By the way the fact that we are still living with the long term effects of her policies of her government shows she was far from incompetent, very competent... for the ruling class)

Call Thatcher a bitch in the privacy of your own home if you must, but the article was criticising the lazy and are careless use of sexist language and image in the media and labour movement in public arenas and that is a very different matter. Sexist language and other forms of swaggering unreconstructed sexism of some men on the left (at that time and still unfortunately sometimes today) can make being on the left more difficult that it need be. That's a subjective point of view, but one that I think you will find is shared by many other women.

There are many much more articulate and in the long run more effective ways to talk about what Thatcher and her ilk represent.

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