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Submitted by guenter on Fri, 07/10/2011 - 20:52

iam afraid i cant continue, cause 2 maintain such an complicated subject in english, is a lil´difficult for me.
in short: i think i can agree with most of what u say in ur last statement, and i hope that some1 else may continue here.
1 sentence i dont agree with, is the following:

all he can do to explain the phenomenon is racial slurs against Stalin's 'eastern'ness. Even at the end of his life he couldnt really understand why he had been defeated.
i think, in some points, something like a collective racial behaviour does excist (see, how similar the behaviour is in islamic societies- even if the various islamic countries may have a different history and different economic circumstances). having known hundreds of oriental people since decades, i know very well, what trotsky means with stalin´s easternness. he was like an islamist, although not being muslim.

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