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Submitted by guenter on Fri, 07/10/2011 - 13:46

the fact that Serge opposed trotsky on some significant issues does not mean that he should be treated as someone outside the ranks of the revolutionary movement

this sentence i agree with (serge´s "memories of a revolutionary" are an important book), but that does not mean that all his critics on trotsky have been right.
if i understand it right, u share the old position of the "workers opposition", that trotsky was another bonarpartist in waiting.
leaving aside, that he had his errors during his bolshewik period (example: his militarist position about trade unions), and that i also find his endless comparisings to the french revolution difficult ("did we already pass the thermidor or not"?), i dont think that he as such, as a whole person (sorry 4 my english- u may get my point) was a stalin by another time. for example, he once was asked why he didnt try a military overturn of stalin as long as he was influental in the red army. he said something like, that this would have been an undemocratic, rather stalinist method. also the fact, that after lenin´s death, he didnt work more offensively 4 hisself (holding a copy of lenin´s last will, where lenin asked 2 replace stalin), dont look like, that he was only out for his personal power and to become another bonapartist.

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