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Submitted by david kirk on Mon, 29/08/2011 - 12:11

The classic stalinist trope for supporting regimes that oppress their own people and crush an independent Labour Movement is that some of their social policies are progressive or more progressive then the people revolting against the regime.

We were told the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan and the PDPA may be killing thousands of peasants but at least they were more enlightened towards women's eduction. We are now told exacty the same story about the Karzai government and the current occupation. We were told Saddam may have killed thousands of Shia and Kurds but at least is regime did not strictly enforce sharia Law. We have been told the Serbian regime may have been deeply nationalist and racist but at least it had kept some of the nationalised economy and opposed the free market. Stalin destroyed the Russian revolution and murdered millions bt at east he industrialised and electrified the country.

This has been repeated about Gaddaffi- His regime was enlightened towards women and anti racist. Like always not only is this un-principled apoligetics for an enemy of the working class it is like all the cases above plain bollocks.

Marxists should not weigh up the policies of this or thst opposing state to work out who is the most "progressive". They should always orientate towards the LAbour movement and side with those fighting for democratic demands and self determination. Consistent democracy should be our prinicple and not be afraid to attack fearlessly all forces that fail this test even if we generally support their cause.

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