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Submitted by Bruce on Thu, 04/08/2011 - 23:19

I'm not sure what point it is trying to make. That her death was overblown by the media? That she was just a media creation? That her 'undeniable talent' wasn't really of much significance in her success given much of the crap the music industry churns out?

What artists of 'undeniable talent' who die young do leave behind is a sense of sadness that the talent will not be fully realised and a body of work that speaks for itself. Immortality cannot be bestowed by the media, who will in any case move on quickly to someone else. Nor is it awarded for being a drug addict or alcoholic. Why do people remember Jimi Hendrix or Charlie Parker?

No doubt the media played a role in her death but rather than accepting her preordained role in order to benefit from it as the article suggests, Amy Winehouse was actually resistant to others' attempts to mould her - for which she should get some posthumous credit.

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