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Submitted by AWL on Thu, 16/06/2011 - 12:05

Motion for escalating strike/industrial action after 30th June

The members of the Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance congratulates the union executives for balloting for industrial action over pensions, pay, and job cuts. Today must be seen as only the beginning of an on-going campaign of action.

We urge the union leaderships to announce plans to escalate the industrial action over pensions, pay, and job cuts. It is clear from recent announcements by the government that they are not yet close to withdrawing their proposals. Evidence for local campaigning across the country shows that members understand the issues involved in the disputes and are prepared to take extensive industrial action to defeat the government’s proposals.

We therefore call on the National Executive Committees of all public sector and concerned unions in consultation with local union organisations to draw up plans for a variety of further actions under the current ballots beginning with:-

a) At least one further national strike day before the end July 2011.

b) A timetable for further strikes throughout the year, both nationally and regionally based.

c) Any other action in defence of the above which is particularly damaging to the employer(s), e.g. action short of a strike, work to rule, overtime bans, selective and targeted strike action in particularly hard hitting sections of the workforce etc.

We further call on union National Executives to start urgent talks with other unions facing job cuts and attacks on pay, pensions and conditions but who have so far not balloted for action. In such talks the Unions should make the case for these sister unions balloting for strike action against these attacks as a matter of urgency.

Finally, we believe it is vital that rank and file union members are involved in this dispute and we call on the unions taking action on the 30th June to establish strike committees both within and between unions.

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