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Submitted by AWL on Wed, 15/06/2011 - 21:54

Motion for escalating the pensions action

Rotherham NUT committee calls on the National Executive, as a matter of urgency, to announce plans to escalate the industrial action over pensions after the 30th of June strike.

It is clear from recent announcements by the government that they are not yet close to withdrawing their pension proposals. Evidence from local campaigning across the country shows that the members understand the issues involved in the pensions dispute and are prepared to take extensive industrial action to defeat the government's pensions proposals.

Members are also voicing their concerns that one day of strike action, like in 2008, is not good enough.

We therefore call on the National Executive to draw up plans, in consultation with local associations and division, for a variety of further actions under the current ballot beginning with:

a) On 30th June announcing a further date for strike action in the Autumn term
b) A timetable for further strikes in the Autumn Term, both nationally and regionally based, with consideration given to using rolling action and other forms of action short of strike action.

We congratulate the executive for making links with other unions balloting for industrial action over pensions and believe the success of those links will be seen on June 30th 2011. We urge the National Executive to liaise urgently with the PCS, CWU, UCU and ATL in planning further industrial action and to agree dates for further joint strike action to be announced on June 30th 2011, so that members know on that day what the next stage of the campaign will look like.

We further call on the National Executive to start urgent talks with those Public Sector unions which, so far, have not begun to ballot over pensions but whose members will lose out significantly as a result of the government proposals. In such talks the Union should make the case for our sister public sector unions balloting over pensions as a matter of urgency.

Finally, we support the collaboration between local public sector unions so far. We think this co-ordination should continue after the 30th of June and should form the basis of a local strike committee that is involved in organising pickets, demonstrations and local publicity.

The Committee also voted to hold a post-30 June mass members' meeting to discuss escalation.

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