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Submitted by Matthew on Tue, 24/05/2011 - 09:21

GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny replies to the letter from Holly Smith, GMB steward and President of Brighton and Hove Trades Council.

Hi Holly,

Let me deal with your most important question first.

The GMB and myself are 100 percent opposed to Workfare and the privatisation of any public service including Employment services.

I spoke to Mark who I know well and his info was based on the document Kennedy Scott put out which suggested the GMB supported its contents by way of our Logo.

The only work we were involved in was the work we asked Portsmouth Uni to do on the Failure of the current private sector providers to help the long term Unemployed,Mark accepts GMB would never support welfare to work and we are pledged to support PCS in their struggle to retain direct employment services like Jobcentreplus.

The report you refer to was not ours nor did we endorse it or support the type of comments quoted

I have written to kennedy scott making it clear we do not support private companies in these services nor do we support welfare to work or their views.

I have made my views clear about anyone using our logo or implying our support for Welfare to work

Mark Serwotka was concerned at the report but has always been positive that GMB would never support such sentiments as expressed in the document.

I had not read or seen the document until this all came to light and I have tried to ensure that the GMB position is explained to all who seek clarification.

I am sorry that not everyone is prepared to listen to the explanation.

The good news out of all this is the research we did with Portsmouth Uni is very supportive of our case on the failure of the private sector to do anything on the field of Employment Services except line their pockets.

Anything left unanswered please prompt me


Paul Kenny

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