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Submitted by guenter on Sat, 14/05/2011 - 13:33

demagogy as usual: first, the author claims, that we dont know if bin laden tried tried to surrender, so that it wasnt possible to catch him alive. a lie!! the USA already admitted, that bin laden was unarmed, when getting caught.
the article ends with the following conclusion:

Bin Laden was a fascist, a murderer and part of the leadership of a reactionary force who had no qualms about killing or contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of working class people ----------------------------------------------------

iam not at all defending bin laden/al kaida, but where did they kill "hundreds of thousands"? IT IS US-IMPERIALISM WHO DID SO, and this fact always increased the number of mislead young stupids who then joined groups like al kaida.
i must say it clearly:
-no one, who claims to be marxist, can confuse such facts, who killed whom &how many, and
-no one who claims to be marxist can shamelessly ignore the examples i gave, as the USA alone in the chile coup murdering 10 x more than al kaida on their sept.11. so, insted of understanding, how many peoples and countries wud have an reson to do a "war agsinst terror" against the USA, it is said here, that the violation of national sovereignity (thrown aside as "a sham"!!),which includes the risk of a war(!)&any imperialist murder- and terror action is OK, as long as it is against a fascist. thats the legitimation-ideology of the USA himself 4 all their wars ("against fascist sadam hussein"-, against fascist taliban", -"against fascist milosovic"-a.s.o.).(and, following this logic, AWL should support death-penalty against murderers.)
this is the most ugly perversion of all mrxist principles i ever read.
AWL in full defense of all imperialist crimes and "antifascist" unity with warmongers.

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