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Submitted by martin on Wed, 04/05/2011 - 10:21

The Chesterfield May Day event is a very long-held tradition (pretty much nothing has changed since about 1929, especially the politics of some marchers!)

The march was well attended - I'd say maximum 900 but I'm known for being bad at estimating numbers. Fair few union banners, Unison, PCS, UCATT, Chesterfield trades council, UCU among others. We also took along the Sheffield anti-cuts alliance banner and the Sheffield AWL one.

There are lots of stalls throughout the day, mainly held by Stalinists and a mixture of tombolas, sellers of miners' union history memorabilia and plants. Oh, and jam.

Very little mobilisation from the would-be Trotskyist left.

Good reception for the SACA stall, with a few people who hadn't yet heard of it signing up and a good opportunity to talk to other unions. Ok reception for AWL stall.

Speeches that I heard were pretty bland. The event has a family day out feel, with bands and dancing.


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