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Submitted by martin on Tue, 03/05/2011 - 09:51


Leeds TUC May Day march had about 400 people on it. This is actually was much bigger and a lot livelier then it has been for many years. The composition was also much better then recent years, young UK uncut activities and a younger generation of Trade Unionists outnumbered the ageing Stalinists.

The rally was followed by UK Uncut running through town, which gave us a good chance to talk to passers by and sell more papers. Mike W and myself gave out all our leaflets for our next public meeting and sold about 16 papers between us.



Manchester's was, if anything, smaller. About 200. Largely the usual suspects. Leaflet for Liverpool Egypt meeting quite well received.


Dundee (29 April)

About 250 on it, which is the usual size. Visible Socialist Party presence (they have been running some school-student campaigning in Dundee recently). Dundee Trades Council is liberal-Stalinist - politically they are still fairly Stalinist; but because Dundee is a pretty small place the left has to work with each other. So, even "Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism" had a speaker at the rally (about police harassment). Plus also a speaker calling for a boycott of Israel.

Motherwell (30 April)

Something under 200 on it. Normally a bit larger than that (as some people come out from Glasgow) but there was a late change in the starting time (because of a football game) and some people turned up early and went away. Mainly public sector trade unionists on the demonstration, and public sector speakers at the closing rally.

Glasgow (1 May)

Around 3,000 on it. Better than in previous years, probably due to: better organisation, better publicity, better speakers (Len McCluskey, and speaker from Defend Glasgow Services, plus UCS sit-in speaker (40th anniversary)), and better weather. Prize for worst speech jointly shared by: Joy Dunn (was STUC President last year, now political officer for PCS), who spoke of how great the May Day demonstrations in Cuba were this year, and how good it was to have May Day rallies lasting fourteen and a half hours; and Pauline McNeill MSP, who spoke of what a fine bunch of chaps the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are, and so too are Hamas, and we should all boycott, disinvest and sanction Israel.


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