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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 05/04/2011 - 15:48

Ira's letter is good in that it defies any attempt to split the movement into bad and good, deserving and undeserving. Indeed a lot of the property destruction no doubt reflects the anger some people have at some of th einsitutions run by tax avoiding crooks who continue to get massive bonuses and steal profits from the working class whilst forcing thew working class to pay for their mistakes.

There is a need for a serious discussion of tactics but at the forefront should be the recognition that the violence of the bourgeois and their state in sacking hundreds of thousands of workers, in destroying services, attacking benefits and housing and using riot police to attack and arrest peaceful protestors is wrong.

The problem with breaking widows is that they can easily be replaced, that the police come in and start breaking heads. This is not to be moralistic about the matter but merely to focu on tactics that work. We need a mass movement to disrupt the profits of the bourgeois with tactics that work (linked in with a strategy of the people ourselves, organised in the messy direct democracy of mass meetings, taking power)- mass occupations, like those organised by UKUncut and other actions organised by local anticuts groups and serices users, mass demonstrations, strikes and direct action by the working class.

We should demand that all those charged have the charges dropped and against any more arrests to intimidate the movement.

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