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Submitted by dalcassian on Sat, 06/11/2010 - 16:03

In reply to by Bruce

Hysteria in politics tells its own story. To trot out the repertoire about censorship, repression, our being unable to answer you, and all the rest of it in response to the removal of the long article which you posted here, is hysterical. Censorship has nothing to do with it. You are free to write what you like, at reasonable length. But we decide what articles to post on the AWL site. You do not, without our prior agreement, have the right to post such an article as the one you posted. As Bruce says, our policy here is spelled out on page 1. That policy was elaborated as a means of freeing the site from inordinately long screeds, the sort of casual abuse which hostile, and usually idiotic, sectarians mistake for discussion, and articles such as the one you posted. The policy is a given; accept it and get on with the discussion.

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