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Submitted by guenter on Wed, 03/11/2010 - 01:12

Reading a number of your posts, it seems to me that your political method is to put a minus where the (West) German state puts a plus and vice versa. (bruce)

not at all, bruce. iam not that simple, and in 1 of my posts -u probably didnt read all of the many- i myself blamed the "anti-german"-current to do so. also, i dont have a specific political method.
and accusing ME of being apologeting stalinism, is an abuse. from thousands of people I´d knew, ur the only 1 ever said so. but as i love to be polemical too, i will tolerate the undeserved blame 4 the moment.
what really shocked me more than that, was ur deny, that the crimes of german fascism are singular in history. hello?!? what other fascism (italian, spanish, portugese?) or stalinism can u show me with the same high number of murder, creating a worldwar &the holocaust?! when u say, we dont asses the nature of a regime by quantitative measure, i know what u mean, but dont tell that the quantity dont matter! its a difference if 1 lives in an totalitarian regime, where once in a while some1 got shot or jailed, or where this happens hundreds of times each day. isnt it? sure we dont wanna live in both of it, but they are not exactly the same. same as livin in the GDR was not exactly the same as living in russia under stalin, or living under the hitlerregime.(deathpenalty didnt even excist in GDR!) and i repeat, sayin so in germany, where every rightwing newspaper since 1956 did repeat that daily, will be contraproductive 4 trotskytes, &only give the superficial impression, 2 say exactly the same than the rightwing. to make an apology 4 stalinism out of pointing 2 that,, badly ignores my real concern. so, when u say, shall we change views- no, but perhaps change 1 tactic, be less dogmatic and argue more differenciated than with a comparism, what people here only know from the other site.
(btw: the hitler-stalin pact DID NOT demoralize many of the german CP-members- if this was the case, perhaps more would have turned trotskyte.)
b) u overlooked an huge argument: i bet my head, that the battle against nowadays german imperialism will end up much more bloody, than the overthrow of eastgerman stalinism. its no accident, that u "overlooked" that. cause, if GDR &fascism are same totalitarism, than with what u will compare the future bloodbath, when it will take place? is this more than fascism then? u see, how careful we shud be with the word fascism. i understand u insofar, as i myself sometimes did tend to call 1 or the other ultrastalinist organisation -as the kurdish PKK- as fascist.but then some1 reminded me, that the inflationary use of the word fascism is wrong, or otherwise the "lightning path" in peru or the NPA (CP-"new peoples army") in philippines are fascist then too. hope u got me right this time.

part2: u really dont need 2 worry bout me as apologising 1 inch of stalinism. in opposite, iam afraid, that the AWL in a few points might be in danger to become soft on capitalism and bourgeois "democracy". best point 2 show that is probably ur position, to support yeltsin in banning the CPUSSR. i already had this argument with sacha in private mails and didnt find his answer on my critic convincing. he said: if we want an revolution, that destroys stalinism, we shall agree with the smashing/banning of the stalinist organisation.oops! bringing this logic to his end, we cud also support hitler in destroying stalinism. NEVER forget to ask the quest: WHO does destroy& WHAT FOR? yeltsin didnt fight them from an antistalinist, but from an anticommunist point of view. he might have banned trotskyte groups too, if there was some.supporting him, could mean to slip from antistalinism into anticommunism. so, when u think, u shud stress the "independent point of the working class" against me(!), i ask u: is it an "independent interest of the working class" to support yeltsin or bourgeois democracy?

and i can tell u,the fact that AWL was not supporting the demos against the yugoslawian war, did cost them all sympathies they had among the dissolving ISO-group in germany. thats why also for me it become an taboo for years, 2 look at their website- out of quest. when i finally did, i was surprised to like a lot of points, and espec. some, what many groups do attack: ur more differenciated point bout israel &ur clearly labelling of clericalfascism (whether in iran or among hamas/hezbollah) as what it is. but i still think, beside the yeltsin-support it was the other huge mistake of AWL not to mobilise against this war, by saying that will only help milosevic&the serbs. i cant understand this logic at all. moreover, milosovic was only the pretext 4 the war. immediately after the war, the german currency did rule in ex-yugoslawia. THAT was what it was all about. no secret for marxists. if WE dont see through this war-propaganda, "milosovic=hitler" (&then the war-coalition becomes the anti-hitler-coalition of the worldwar), then who will? HERE i can clearly see where a -position milosovic=stalinist=hitlerist did lead u to!! ("dont fight the antifascist NATO"- AWL didnt say that so, but its the essence of ur position).

about the iraq-war, i agree with ur position, that an resistance, which is mainly dominated by islamists, shall not be backed. but at the same time, i think the call for immediate withdrawl of the troops shall not be tropped, because: isnt it the excistence of the troops, which does provide the islamists with new followers daily?

so, now we accused each other and have a lot to discuss. never mind that i posted most of my critical points; i was in a process to discuss them all with sacha, but since many weeks he didnt had the time 2 reply them and at the moment he dont reply at all, so iam also a bit angry with him. i tried to send him the spanking-brigade of the "proletarian islamist communist party", but it seems they catched a flight to yemen.

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