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Submitted by mildlyinteresting on Tue, 21/09/2010 - 00:32

I agree that in part - a big part, there is a homophobic element to the recent stories about Hague.

However there is another element to this.

Hague, whilst leader, sacked Shuan Woodward over his opposition to section 28. He has routinely voted against gay rights.

Were there to be any truth in the allegations that he has himself had same sex relationships then it would demonstrate him as being a master of deception with a deep self loathing neither of which are good traits for an elected minister to have.

Besides that is the hypocrisy which would be laughable were it not for the untold damage that has been done by all the anti-gay laws of old, many still supported by the conservative party.

Add to that the fact (were the story true) that he were using our money to employ his lover, who is widely seen as vastly under-skilled for the job he was employed in. This point of course is irrelevant of the sex of his employee.

Oh and it would have a big effect on the government were he to leave.

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