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Submitted by guenter on Sun, 26/09/2010 - 01:35

The turning point for Hitchens, as it was for a great many of us, seems to have been the events of September 11 2001, the poisonous nightmare of clerical-fascism."

i know nothing bout hitchins, but i think that persons who consider sept 11, 2001 as the biggest nightmare in history, have never been real socialists: US-imperialism is nightmare for millions. alone the US-organised military coup against allende in chile, sept.11, 1973, did cost 30.000 lives- 11 x more than the 2.700 death, which USA used as a pretxt 4 wars. when we rightly condem sept.11, 2001, clericalfascists &stalinists (or stalinist "trotskytes") who work with them, we also shall never 4get 4 a minute, to inform the younger generations bout those nightmares, created by imperialism. for me, sept.11 will always stand for the coup in chile. whenevr some1 ask me, if i remember sept 11, i reply that i remember the US-coup against chile. most people dont.

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