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Submitted by sacha on Mon, 10/05/2010 - 11:57

Hi Robin,

A problem with your analysis is about the nature of TUSC. It was set up in such a way as to exclude left groups other than the Socialist Party and the SWP - and indeed any input independent of these groups at all - and in fact went on to explicitly reject applications to stand candidates under its banner (eg Workers Power's Jeremy Drinkall in Vauxhall). Why would we want to have set ourselves up to be excluded in that way?

In line with this, it's not quite true that the RMT "rejected" support for Jill. The RMT's London Transport Regional Council, made up of delegates representing Tube and other TfL branches, voted to support her candidacy - but this was vetoed by the national executive... on the grounds that she wasn't endorsed by TUSC!

We need a new alliance of socialists, but we won't get one by pretending that TUSC, at least as currently set up, is it or anything like it.


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