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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 09/06/2009 - 20:33

I think the most important point is the fighting unity in the class struggle- e.g. support for the Linamar strikes, the Barrow walkouts and Lewisham occupations, the CWU strikes, those at Visteon and future strikes/ occupations/ direct action to save jobs/ fight privatisation.

Of course hese fightbacks are very sporadic and perhaps the exception rather than the rule- we are not on the cups of a revival of industrial strength- but still concentrating practical unity, pooling resources, aiding class struggle where it happens is just as important as political agititaion (and this latter only makes sense if we can show that we put our feet where our mouths are so to speak- deeds to back up the words).

That more than electoral intiatives will help beat back the BNP: we will be able to say to workers rightfully disguisted at New Labour's betrayals and feeling voiceless don't vote for the racists or those trying to cause hatred- voting BNP won't save a single job- organising will. And when migrant workers, Black workers and trade unionsits are at the forefront of such fights that- as well as political arguments- will help break down racism and feelings of enmity towards immigrants and foreign workers. But as I say these two ideas are NOT counterposed and we should do both.

In fact the kind of call from the AWL, the SWP and Bob Crow probably also has a chance to increase th epossibility of fighting unity in the class struggle

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