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Submitted by AWL on Tue, 09/06/2009 - 10:56

To the Editor,

Last Sunday saw the election of two fascists to the European Parliament, one from this constituency. This is a very worrying development, but by no means surprising considering the current political climate. When we talk about this election we need to be clear on a few things. These individuals are fascists. They follow a historical tradition of violent oppression of minority groups in society, the destruction of a free and independent trade union movement and the systematic repression of women's rights.

The election of Brons in Yorkshire and the Humber represented a desperate attempt to oppose the main parties lack of any alternative to the quagmire.

In France the New Anticapitalist Party were the benefactors of this radical opposition to the status-quo. In Britian, this is also the solution. Those that offer working-class solutions to the capitlaist proplem are the organisations we should be fighting for and voting for. The BNP do talk about real problems; the chronic lack of jobs and housing, corrupt Labour politicians who take out support for granted while defending anti-worker legislation like the anti-trade union laws, war, charging for education etc etc (the list is endless). It's that their solutions and characterisations are wrong, putrid, disgusting and anti-working class.

We the voters in Hull and the rest of Yorkshire should openly reject the fascist poliics of the BNP and other far-right groups. But in doing so shouldn't accept the drudgery of the status-quo either - neither offer solutions to the problems we face. Our enemies aren't our black or asian neighbours or members of the LGBT community but the bosses and their representatives in Parliament. We should be for internationalism - working class people all over the world are feeling the same pinch as us, have similar scum to us in government and we should fight alongside them.

I urge all those who voted for the BNP at the last election consider this letter and resolve to fight for internationalist socialist politics instead of those promoted by the fascists. We're right to feel pissed-off, but need to fight the real enemy - those who get rich off our work while we get screwed.

In Solidarity,

Chris Marks,
Hull University Union Vice President Education elect (personal capacity)

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