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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 05/06/2009 - 20:03

I must admit I missed your post on the provisos (strangley posts don't always appear in order so a reply can be either below or above another post). Actually I agree with you- the PR provisos are potneitally too restrictive and I'd be in favour of getting rid of them or at least having them such that it is only on matters such as breaking a strike.

At the moment though I think there is enough collective trust and goodwill in the group that the more geberous interpretation would prevail- however that is no safeguard against bureaucratic degeneration. Ultimately constituions cannot wholly safeguard that anyway but they can be auseful defence to defend workers' democracy.

More generally I would be interested inc oncrete proposals to take this call forward and make it more than a passive propaganda point. I'll work on that too over the next few weeks.

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