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Submitted by Becky on Tue, 03/02/2009 - 14:19

Amongst some operational staff there is a feeling that Tfl is a swolen bureaucracy which employs far too many people to do 'pointless' jobs, while we struggle with bare minimum staff. If some operational staff don't exactly welcome these jobs cuts, there is a bit of an attitude that they don't matter cos they're not cutting the 'important' workers. It's easy to say these job cuts don't matter cos they don't directly affect 'us'. Tfl does employ far too many managers to do goodness knows what. There is an entire department recruited by Livingstone dedicated to rubbishing the RMT. In addition to the mega fat cats, there are 123 Tfl bosses on over £100,000 a year. But whose jobs are actually going? I doubt it's a cull of overpaid managers and suspect it will be low-grade support staff. With their bosses telling them they are unimportant, the last thing we should do is chime in that we think their jobs are unimportant too! But some people have also recognised that we are all part of delivering the same service, and would help to fight these redundancies. Everyone can see that with unemployment rising, a bigger pool of unemployed people is a bad thing for those in work or out of it. The question is how operational staff can help the fight.

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