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NEU Conference Motions - 2019

Workers' Liberty schoolworkers have written a raft of motions for NEU conference, covering a range of issues from testing and teachers' pay through to union democracy and the representation of support staff, fighting the anti-union laws, defending free movement and more!

See if you can get one or...

NEU Executive makes a difficult pay campaign even harder

In what has become a pattern, the government announced their decision on the 2018-19 teachers’ pay award at the end of July when most schools had closed for the summer break.

Teachers do not have negotiating rights over national pay and, instead, annual awards are decided by the Secretary of...

The Schoolworkers' Manifesto

As in so many areas the Corbyn leadership and the 2017 manifesto marked a, welcome and significant, sea change in the party’s direction and vocabulary on education.

Gone was the talk of driving up standards by competition, increased observation and greater punishment of teachers who didn’t make...

Book Review: Miseducation - Inequality, education and the working classes

Diane Reay’s book Miseducation sets out to chart the working-class experience of education in Britain, making a forceful argument for reform and highlighting both historical and contemporary barriers to genuinely comprehensive education. All criticisms aside, it is an important book which can e/quip...

No More Detentions!

Our school, a medium-sized secondary, must now be running at about 40,000 detentions a year. The assistant principal in charge of the system tells me that the flagship school in our MAT, slightly smaller than ours, has even more.

In our school, certainly, the escalation of detentions to the tens...

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